Being with you



Being with you, my dear, its not all its cracked up to be… 
After the show is over and all is said and done 
Being with you has been months of wasted time 
Time that I will never regain, 
Time that I couldve used better

Being with you, surely was worth all the pain. For it opened up my eyes to a new truth. 
That no human being should have to endure so much hardship in the name of love.
Love should be honest and unconditional and considerate to ones feelings and understanding. 
So, I guess my dear, that we have something else. 

Being with you was a choice I made and because it is, I have to be just as responsible for its outcomes. 

Being with you has been one whirlwind love affair after another,
Oh how I wish you couldve loved just me. 
That your pulse increased at the very thought of me… 

Being with you reminds me of memories I want to forget and some I always want to remember. 

Being with you was always my joy, my mission
It was my pleasure being my woman. 
Being beside you walking hand in hand.
Oh how I loved being with you.

Being with you darling dearest
Will surely be my end,
The more I want to go, 
The more I imagine you the man I met, 
The brother who was proud to be a brother, 
One who cared for the feelings of women,
One who cherish his sweet black women! 

Being with you made me realise, 
You are jus like every other man, 
Nothing different, nothing special! 
Jus a man with weakness and pitfalls! 
And by right I subjected you to too much pressure!
I wish I was with you right now, 
That we were cuddling in each others arms, 
But being with you has made me realise that I can’t go back to being with any ordinary man. 


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