Repairing whats left…..

Eyes swollen shut in the name of love,

Lips busted due to the impact of a fist,

Now, please tell me how you love me,

And that you’ll never do it again.

As you stroke my discolored bruised cheek

Tell me that I am your whole world;

That you love me to death.

As you broke my spirit with the stomp of your boots,

Didn’t you know that I would’ve gone to the moon for you?

I would’ve given up everything to be in your life forever.

The person that you are now sickens me,

Now that I have realized that you are nothing more than a coward.

A small, weak, frail man

Who thinks it’s macho to beat up someone weaker than he is.

Rather than showing strength by protecting one who depends on you.

As you choked the life out of me,

You choked out any love that I had for you.

You killed my dream of having a long, happy life with you;

Of having babies and building a life together.

So now I’m left damaged,

Full of guilt and shame,

How will I be able to repair the scares that you have left?

My aches knowing that I placed my trust in you and you let me down.

Although it may take a lifetime,  i will get over you!

As bruised and battered as I may be, I know I can depend on me.



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