Here I stand with mixed feelings,
Wondering if what I did was right,
If I went in too whole hearted
If I should have left more room for disappointment;
If I should have had a back-up plan,

Yet, here I stand,
No back-up plan,
No other option,
No other man but you,
For someone so afraid of heights
It seems I picked the highest hill to climb.

What a risk I have taken
In an institution made for the blind
I seems that I am awake, alert
Having full control of my senses.

Thus, I stand here,
Excited, troubled, depressed,distressed and elated.
Excited to know that you love me
That you’d risk so much for me!
Troubled knowing it could end in an instant.
Elated knowing that the possibilities for us are endless

In an institution for the blind,
It appears that I can see
I wasn’t intoxicated
Neither drugged
Or fool!

I know what I want and that is you


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