A little man stress…


Over the past several months, after licking my wounds, burning my incense, and doing my ten step program of how to get over an EX, i have realized, its nothing more than just a little man stress.

we women sometimes allow the men in our lives to feel as though they own us. we put so  much of ourselves into them that without their constant love, compliments and problems that we are nothing. as though we are incomplete somehow. yes, i may be young, however, even i can see that its nothing but horse shit.

please excuse my profanity, but the truth of the matter is, that if we are not secure and comfortable in our own skin, then we are nothing. some men are very good at playing the game, they know what to say, how to say it, the correct tone in which to say in order to get to us. yet ladies we need to be able to decipher all that bull and see it for what it is.

i use to think that without a little man stress that a relationship wasn’t headed anywhere. however when the avalanche of problems came tumbling down, down i came as well. i had put all my trust, my hopes, dreams, EVERYTHING into him, and he wasn’t worth any of it.

so after wards i started healing myself, learning to love myself, trust myself and my instincts….

i don’t think that i will ever be healed from the evil of my past. yet, i can prevent it from affecting my future, and the life that i have planned for myself.


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