Remembering Elenore


In the short time I knew you, you were such a ray of hope and blessing to me. I have heard the term “Pink Warrior” being thrown around loosely, yet in my mind, you were a true pink warrior. You lived, you fought and you died, always smiling, always having hope. That is the way I choose to remember you, bright, smiling. Even after the cancer came back and we worried, you never showed fear.

I guess it was in the stillness of the night hours that you allowed your tears to fall and your fears to show! That you entertained the thought, that maybe you wouldn’t survive the disease.

Elenore, sometimes I wanna mourn you, just the thought, even now makes me wanna breakdown. Yet, in my grief I will never forget the lessons you taught me about living and struggle.

Cancer did NOT beat you! you are no longer in pain and suffering.

You are free Elle!

In the end, that is all that comforts me. Be free Elenore and continue to rest in peace


From the ones who loved you, even only for a short time.


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