Why do you want to be a doctor?


It took me approximately four months to complete my personal statement for medical school. During that time I wrote and scrapped, drafted and typed. “Why do you want to become a doctor?” Simple enough question, yet, it was one I couldn’t answer. I knew that I wanted the fulfillment of working, caring for patients, assisting them back to health, while still being able to meet my financial demands. I felt that my reasons were easy to explain, however when the time came to put pen to paper, I was stuck. I just couldn’t get my thoughts out.

Today, three weeks after completing my personal statement, I have now figured it out. Last night as I was leaving the hospital I saw one of my patients. I usually don’t remember them all, yet he was on the unit for 2 months  and sometimes I wondered why he wouldn’t leave. There was a point while he was in hospital that I thought that he would never walk again.  As I watched him walking down the hallway to the elevator, his gait altered due to the deformity of his partially amputated leg, my heart felt like it was about to bleed. I couldn’t control my sudden rush of emotions. As happy as I was to see him up and walking, I couldn’t help but imagine the difficulty he had in finding a job. I imagined the quality of life that he had as a single; 40 yr old man with a limp; who couldn’t work because he had a bad foot, that hurt and oozed and swollen from being stood on too long.

This is my motivation for being a doctor. I love my job as a nurse, yet I feel that more can be done, more that I can do… that even after giving them their discharge summaries and waving goodbye as they’re  wheeled out from the unit, their as still more that can do…

Through medicine I believe I can accomplish  that goal.







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