Ode to 2012


Dear 2012:

You have been a year of lessons, and of revelations. I have seen the end of friendships, relationships and the building up to new ones. I’ve drawn closer to my family while still keeping my distance… I have loved and lost, met people that i would never have given a second glance to on the street. I danced through the streets of St. John’s in nothing but my unmentionables… lol and enjoyed every minute of it. i learned to love myself, to appreciate the small things about myself. while i am not perfect, i am no worse than anybody. I have learned how to eat healthy, the joy of feeling sweaty after exercise and knowing that hard work does pay off in the end.

In 2012 i have learned to let go of hurt and malice, cause believe or not, they do keep you down in life, that in order for me to teach my daughter valuable lessions i had to practise them. I’ve learned to cherish the ones that choose to be in my life for those are the relationships that matter. I’ve learned that all the things my father taught me were not wrong; he brought us up rough but he meant well. for that, daddy i will forever be grateful to you… This was the year when i first introduced a boyfriend to daddy. As terrifying as it was for me, it was a liberating experience, a true step into adulthood. 

I’ve seen months of ups and downs, trials and tribulations and ive come out sucessful, for that i owe the almighty all my gratitude. 

now, as this year closes, i see the freshness, feel the radience, absorb the energy of the upcoming new year. hoping that the time for new beginnings, will surely be a time for new beginnings. where i appreciate the little things, while still craving for more. where i learn to accept my past and move forward to the future.


So farewell, 2012, may i never forget the lessons that you taught me…

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  1. PassionPoet says:

    “I danced through the streets of St. John’s in nothing but my unmentionables… lol and enjoyed every minute of it.”

    I’m sure I would enjoy it too … do you have pictures? 😉

    I loved this little narrative. Great read … Here’s to exciting times in 2013 and beyond!

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