The Brasierre Revolution


In the advent of Women’s liberation, we have seen a shift in the balance of power from males to females. What began as a struggle against sexist oppression, has now evolved into an entire changed in gender roles in society.

Gone are the days when we were confined to the kitchen, making iced tea for our husbands and their lazy friends. No longer are we refused the right to vote, to have an education, work and in some cases speak in public. Today, we are doctors, lawyers, business owners and politicians. Things that we never dreamt possible has occured. We, women, have evolved and adapted and have become more than an accessory on a man’s arm.

Yet, in a look back through all our accomplishments, have we become a better people and society because of it?

It is not a shame in wanting to be a house wife, because we all have different goals and aspirations, yet, due to the women’s liberation movement, we now have a choice. We decide what we will and will not accept. We do not sit down and grovel for the scrapes thrown to us by our male counterparts. Instead, we push the boundaries, bringing fresh new ideas and more efficient ways to get things done.

In all this, we must determine, was the price too high? Has our wearing to figurative pants caused more damage than good? From the beginning of time men and women have had different roles in the household. The men were labelled the head of the house hold and the “breadwinner” of the family. Yet, now that the women have come out of the kitchen and into the work place, those roles have changed. These days, women are the breadwinners. They work, take care of the children and the finances. So. Now that the moms are away, who is left to mann the house?

Looking back 50-100 years, are the state of our families, children and marriages better or worse? Men have resigned themselves to being idle, abandoning their families and their responsibilities, leaving their women to pick up the slack. Thus, women have now begun to feel superior to men, ” Anything you can do I can do better”. Instead of everything being universal across the board, which were the main tenets of the women’s liberation movement, the men are relaxing in the shades of the women’s sucess.

The victories of women’s right leaders should be acknowledged and celebrated. However, it seems that we may have gone from one extreme to the next. The collateral damage being a breakdown in the family structure. No matter how we twist it, women and men are different; innately, physiologically, pyschologically, socially, everything. It is not due to socialization or tradition, it jus is… We cannot be equals because we are different, we are made to complement each other. Thus trying to be equal in every aspect to a man is impossible and inattainable. A pipe dream by my standards. By valuing their masculine ambitions, we have devalued nurturing. As a result, it is our children that suffer.

They are the ones being reared by the internet, television and video games. Being taught violence, immorality and negativity. They are the ones missing out on valuable moral lessons from their parents. Then we are surprised when they act the way we have raised them?

In a perfect world, children are raised by both mother and father, where both parents are able to work, share the financials burdens, spend time with their children, retire and die of old age, in a perfect world…

Yet, this world is not perfect, in order for us to thrive in one area in our lives, one has to be neglected. Sacrifices have to be made, superwoman is a fallacy. As a result, we must ask ourselves, is our freedom valued above all, regardless to the risks or harm it causes?



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  1. PassionPoet says:

    I love reading your thoughts. 🙂

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