Just start somewhere,
Make an effort,
Write about something, anything;
I’ve done just about everything to get my thoughts out on paper,
Yet, they are evading me.
Sneaking and hiding just to get away from me.
Hammering on the door to my mind,
Filling my head to the point of agony,
Yet, I just can’t get them out.
Why so shy?
Come out of hiding little words,
Let me tell your story,
Let me show others who you really are.
I’m at the point of exhaustion,
Ready to throw in the towel.
My inspiration is gone,
My muse has deserted me;
My words have gone cold.
Why shouldn’t I just wallow in my sorrows?
My pathetic blocked sorrows.
Doodle, scribble, scribble, doodle…
Drawing smiley faces at the end of the page,
Then I start to write.
Writing about anything and something.
Pulling words out of thin air,
They clash, making no sense,
Yet it flows.
The floodgates have opened and gibberish flows.
A random pepperpot of words,
Yet it flows…
The ramblings continues,
Getting progressively louder,
Then, it stops…
And I’m blocked again.


One Comment Add yours

  1. PassionPoet says:

    “Come out of hiding little words,…” I love that line

    Yeah you hit the nail on the head with how writer’s block works … 🙂 Love this verse 🙂

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