My Last ODE to you…



I promised myself that i was done,
broken beyond remedy and repair, 
I promised myself,
that even if you grovelled and begged 
even if you drooled at my feet. 
I promised, 
that even if you were the last, 
but you were the last, 
last, last man to hurt me 
last man to make me cry, 
you were the last, 
last man to kill my love
my ability to love 
you were the last…
last man that I trusted
last man that I… 
you were just the last, 
and now…
guess what?
you’re back,
back for round ten,
back to trample
back to lie
back to…
and abuse 
back for more
more than i have to give,
you’re back 
so you want to reconcile and rekindle?
rekindle a lie? 
because this was a lie
from the inception
we were built on a lie
so thank God you were my last 
last heart break 
last hurt 
and for the last,
i can say my peace  
and be done
with my last ode to you.


One Comment Add yours

  1. PassionPoet says:

    I could hear this on stage. I am glad that he was the last – stick to your guns…. a piece of strength … 🙂

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