Never Said…


Not a word spoken,
not a word uttered
she just woke up one morning 
and they were through
he was gone, but still there 
gone in all the ways that it counted 
but still hanging in to save face,
she knew it, 
felt it, 
could taste the tension 
she knew he only kissed her 
because that was their thing, 
their thing to kiss before he left,
so when he kissed her, 
she knew that he was gone
he’d left her
holding the bag
holding the house and the kids 
and the shame.
he had left her,
without so much as an explanation 
no reason
no remorse 
he just picked up
and left her.
leaving his shell, 
of no emotion 
his shell that didn’t care 
his shell who sneered at her antics 
his shell who ignored her pain
who didn’t know how much he hurt her, 
he just left her, 
to fend 
and mend
he left her to mend the tears he had left.
she was a woman scorned,
saving face 
acting out without knowing.
why hadn’t he given her an explanation?
let her know
how much it hurt him 
when she put him down in front of friends.
why, didn’t he tell her?
that she never had time for him. 
that he wanted to be held 
held in her arms 
and in her body,
why hadn’t he told her?
why did he allow it to escalate and fester?
and fester it did, 
it sweat, and smelled 
and rot 
their relationship rot from the inside out, 
all because they never said…
never talked 
never shared,
they had bigger fish to fry,
other things to do than say, 
so now they’ve filed for divorce 
divorced from the ones who’ve always held their hearts,
all because they never said…



One Comment Add yours

  1. PassionPoet says:

    Powerful… was almost in this situation for exactly that. Neither of us said what was on our minds and hearts….. deep write hun….

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