Rant of the overworkered, unappreciated female doctor…



I feel like an abused woman

always afraid

afraid of tomorrow

afraid of you, 

afraid of the uncertainty

afraid of which you will come home tonight.

In love one moment

insultiving the next

I just don’t know what to expect. 

Anxiety kills me, 

stresses me,

my heart beats erratically 

at the sound of your voice

the touch of your skin.

just not knowing 

not knowing if i’ll be that stupid bitch who killed your patient,

or that good doctor who can do no wrong.

I feel like an abused woman, 

to afraid to confront her oppressor, 

yet, here i am…

ready to pack up

ready to leave.

Just not willing to fight anymore,

what’s the point?

what’s the use?

at my wits end 

about to give up hope

but the truth is, i know, 

i am no abused woman

no silly girl,

no pathetic doctor, 

no incompetent loser. 

i am  a fighter! 

and even though it seems that my vagina intimidates you…

you won’t get rid of me

you can’t put me down 

cant put me out

cause i am a woman

resilient to the end…


One Comment Add yours

  1. PassionPoet says:

    Your vagina doesn’t intimidate me hun … 🙂

    Emotive write *hugs*

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