More Money…Less Work…



More money, less work

and all i have to do is give you 

give you what you so greatly desire 

give you what i hold so dear, 

invite you into myself

into my center 

to have you touching my body 

and groping between my legs 

you want to 

love in the most cruelest of ways.

For more money and less work?

Is that all my body is worth?

More money and less work?

“you’re not that great of a secretary anyhow” you say

yet, I’m good enough to bend over your desk

good enough for a shag 

for a fuck

good enough to degrade 

to laugh at with your friends,

i’m good enough,

but not,

beautiful and smart,

but not…

to hell with my self-respect and pride 

cause more money and less work is your last and final offer.

Fire me if you dare,

cause i’m no dumb blond,

i know my rights, 

know my value 

so you can take the more money 

to buy yourself a lawyer 

because when i’m through 

you’ll be the one out  of work.


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