Thou Shalt not Want…


I saw them together
and all i could say was wow,
never had i seen two people more in love,
he held her hands
touched her face
and never once glimpse over his shoulder, 
he loved her
and i secretly envied them.
Secretly wished that he was mine, 
i wanted him
searched and hunted him.
I felt like a junkie
looking for the special concoction 
that would give me that first high.
then all of a sudden, 
I was number one and “only”
I was that girl, 
I was the one he cherished,
I was the one whose hand he held 
I was that one.
Yet, little did i know,
just as he held my hand
so he held others,
in public and in private 
never hiding 
never showing remorse.
He held their bodies
their breasts 
and their other secret places
right in front  of my eyes. 
yet, I have no one to blame but myself.
cause i wanted, 
wanted what someone else had, 
i wanted what i thought was perfection…
searching for a mythical unicorn
when real horses were all around.
I wanted a man,
who would love only me…
i wanted that man, 
but i guess it just wasn’t meant to be
He just wasn’t the one for me.


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