Loving Clear- Headed…


I refuse to be a statistic…

to be another number represented on a pie chart, 

all because I thought with my pussy and not my head!

i refuse to dream

to hope and wish that you were a different man,

to allow my brain to deceive me into believing that you are the best I can do.

I refuse, 

to imagine a life

a child,

a decade wrapped up in your madness

only to get nothing in the end.

I refuse to allow someone else to dictate the course of my life,

How I live and when I die…

I refuse,

to allow you to infect me

infect me with your hate,

your poison

your HIV.

playing the victim at something i knew was inevitable.

I refuse to be a victim,

a victim of circumstance

a victim to you…

I refuse to allow my feelings to cloud my judgement…

I refuse to make the looks,

the talk,

your sexy walk,

the ride,

the glide of your dick

confuse me…

I know what I want,

and I refuse,

refuse to pick you  


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