stretch marks

stretch marks are creepy little lines, that sneaked up on me when i least expected it. never had i thought that one little baby could make my body so unsightly. yet, i can see then now… crossing here and there in all different directions, making their presence known, making my bikini unwearable.

yet, as i look at my stretch marks, as i examine their contours and their depth, i realize their true nature. they are here to let the world know that i brought forth a life, a beautiful, awesome bundle of smiles, sass and laughter. i could never trade those moments that I've shared with a child that i nurtured within my body, and my stretch marks never makes me forget.

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  1. PassionPoet says:

    Unwearable? I doubt. I’m sure you look stunning, stretch marks or no…. I’d be willing to appraise the situation *winks*

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