Love, Honor… and want…



I’m withering,


from the most exposed parts.

like a flower i seek water, 

comfort, intimacy and touch.

It’s my right, 

that you constantly threaten and ignore,

you ignore my needs;

my need for the sweat of your skin,

to feel your breath upon my body

as you seduce and excite me.

It’s my basic human need that i’m being deprived of,

with no consensus 

no explanation


i lay in bed, 

sheet over head, 

tucked in tight

yearning for your touch, 

your arms, 

your heat. 

I’m in need!

my body is in need,

but you don’t get that…

now should I act the bitch and seek comfort elsewhere,

I would become public enemies one through twelve.

No one would understand, 

no one would see what its like

to lay in bed and yearn to be fucked in the worst way.

They wouldn’t get what its like to be 

so uptight and miserable.

to make love to a battery-operated dick, 

when all i want is flesh and blood

your my hands,

inside my body!

they wouldn’t understand…

yet, they would judge.

they would talk, 

they would say, 

i could’ve talked,

but i did talk, have been talking

tired… strung out from talking.

they would say that i could’ve taken,

yet, only gifts that are freely given are appreciated.

I won’t take, 

what should be mine.

You should be mine, 

so give me, 

not on special dates and times;

on holidays and anniversaries.

Give me what is mine.

Give me and i will give you all of me,

without reservation

without question

because you are my whole world,

but now… I just need that touch…

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  1. PassionPoet says:

    I have a gogohka on the same topic of longing for touch …. (A gogohka is a Japanese form of short poetry) Check it out I love this poem 🙂 Could be contracted some more, but your style is almost conversational. I feel this!

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