Why can’t you make me CUM?


Why can’t you make me cum?

Is it rocket science

or a quest for ancient treasure?

All I want to do is feel overwhelmed, excited like electrons about to bind together.

Not the fake version that I perform for you,

not the ooooohhsss and aaahhhhsss…

but to really explode.

What is it about black men and pleasing their women?

Do you think less of us somehow

that we do not require more than a

few mediocre grasps of our breasts

and awkward kisses as foreplay?

That as soon as you’ve gotten an adequate erection that our pussies better be wet.

Does the brown color of our skin

decreases the amount of effort that we require to climax?

I want you to make me cum,

not merely pounding me over and over with your manhood.

but by starting a combustion reaction and gently coaxing it to a steady blaze.

Why cant you make love to us?

Do we have some weird genetic flaw,

that automatically puts us on our backs or on our knees?

While you fuck us like rabid dogs

who have been starved for days.

Why so animalistic?

Do you think we’ll break if you stroke and coax us?

If you wind us up tight like a chime?

yet, some of you “brothers” are so caught up in your own satisfaction

that you could careless about the woman that’s on top of you.

Some just want to stick it in,

thrust a few times

and be done.

“you better get yours, cause imma get mine”

Why cant we have romance, candle light and music?

as you slowly learn each and every curve of our bodies with your mouths and fingers.

Why cant you learn us?

Learn what makes us moan and groan;

what makes us sigh…

why cant you take possession of us?

Not just the enclosed cavities of our vaginas, but our trusts, bodies and minds.

Why…. can’t you make me cum?

cum with an intensity

that changes my entire perception of love, sex and relationships,

make me cum

make me cum

make me cum….


One Comment Add yours

  1. PassionPoet says:

    I feel your frustration hon….

    Can I help you feel less frustrated? *grin*

    Good write! Keep it up!

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