I think I loved you…

this piece is very close to me… i really tried to look inside myself to what i wanted in a man… and this is the result, hope you guys like it….


I think that I loved you in another life.

Doubtful as I am about reincarnation,


you had to have been my Pharaoh and i your Nefertiti;

because this connection goes way beyond A.D.

way beyond revolution and political affiliations.

Before creation,

you had to have been my chemical compound,

Covalent bonds tightly holding our molecules together,

That’s why I smell of you,

in my innermost parts i feel you there,

That’s why I must have known you,

loved you, mated with you,

In our other life.

Like two lions that lived and died for each other,

because i’d gladly give life and limb for you…

Fast forward a few,

I can see us as Jews in concentration camps,


apart and alone,

Yet never feeling more close,

more secure,

more united.

In the stillness of the night

as raindrops fall outside,

as stars align

and asteroids glide,

I know that I must have loved you before.

In a different place, and alternate universe,

in moments erased from time and space

I held you close.

Our connection is more than the mere tactile meeting of bodies,

more than foggy glass

and swollen red lips.

Our connection is spiritual,


the keys to my locks,

the end to your sentences;

you know the ones that you stutter over.

I know you in ways that I don’t know myself

and each time that we connect

it feels like if the world has stopped.

That all the rules of the universe has seize to exist.

That we are floating high above where we should be,

ooh… baby how you make a fool out of me.

Even in times when you make me mad,

all I think about is kissing and killing you,

our very own Romeo and Juliet saga,

where in the end i lay down,

dead or asleep,

awaiting that time

when we rise,

forever your lover

till the end of time.

One Comment Add yours

  1. PassionPoet says:

    I think I loved this….

    No, I know I do.

    Present continuous tense, even ….. I love this now, and will continue to love this in the future….

    My favourite piece.

    Now, attached is my relationship resume….. 😉

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