Look deeper….




So tired of the noise,


and heavy

like fog i can’t see my way through.

I’m tired of being silent, 

suffocating my words

my inspiration

my senses

with the fear of hurting your feelings.

Afraid to let people know what a fraud you are.

Sometimes i wished that you had remained silent.

Like lifeless coral

that washes up on a bay,

magnificent in its beauty

but no longer relevant,

just useless,


i wish sometimes that you would be silent

and not torment me with your one-sided, 


delusional ideology of christianity.

I wish that you’d be quiet 

and not feel the need to drape me in paragraphs 

of misconceptions and assumptions.

Because you don’t know me. 

Don’t understand me, 

so it seems that as long as i

don’t support blindly worshiping a God, 

then i’m a heretic

and should be burned at the stake.

you see my views as irrelevant because they do not align with yours.

Just the confessions of a damned soul,

a fornicator

who shares her bed, 

her life,

her body

in the embrace of a man!

I wish that one day,

that you’d be still,

stop talking, and look around;

that you’d be open-minded,


that you’d seize fire, 

fire and brimstone that is…

see me for who i am,

a woman 

who love and has lost…

I may not pray to your God, 

hell, I may not pray to any God. 

I want you to be quiet, 

Shut the FUCK up and listen.

Do not subject me to the silence and separations of religions

and denominations;

do not look at the length of my skirt, or the earrings dangling from my lobes, 

Do not sterotype my children and call them bastards.

Do not speak evil hateful words and dress it up under the guise of celestial judgement.

Just be silent, 

and see me, 

see us, 

I look just like you,

a few shades darker

but just the same,

your mirror image,

renaissance replica,

I am you, 




All i want you to do is see me….





4 Comments Add yours

  1. kimorlisa says:

    Beautifully written and it speaks to what a lot of people feel.

  2. Mike Roberts says:

    “like” seems such an ironic, an wrong term for wishing to follow this wonderful blog. What I “like” is the pain of honesty, and the stand for what you have experienced.
    Your style of writing is brutally simplistic, and yet so brilliant in not obviously saying that what you imply.
    I always say “we are light and dark all”. Silenced now … by monochromatic you.

    Thanks so much for posting

    1. mndchrls2012 says:

      thank you so much for your feedback…

  3. PassionPoet says:

    Your writing is raw and honest….. I am SO happy to call you friend! This is another wonderful work of art!

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