Hums of Climax…




I need a quiet place,

where even the wind hushes

where trees reverence themselves 

and animals seize their uttering.

I need sensory deprivation,

a black hole,


alternate demension

where only you and I exist,

where not even the glow of the sun dare

interrupt our devotion.

I need this quiet moment,

where i invite my senses to part take in this union.

Where every scent becomes stronger,

every nerve more reactive,

every sound amplified to the  tenth power,

I need this,

this communion of bodies 

of lips 

and tongue, 

that no longer need light, 

but are magnetically drawn to each other.

Pull me into this vortex of nothingness

where only the smoothness of your skin remains. 

Let me,

love you, 


where our voices are the only ones heard,

engulf me in your cavern of arms,

the aroma of sandalwood

our fragrance.

Make love to me

until my body hums

its chorus of climax…

Let me, love you

quietly tonight… 


5 Comments Add yours

  1. shoe1000 says:

    With you every word. Thanks
    I am going to send it to my girlfriend!!!

    1. mndchrls2012 says:

      Thanks Hun…. Hopes she likes it

  2. PassionPoet says:

    You are an awesome writer… I’m glad I have you as a friend ❤

    1. mndchrls2012 says:

      Awwww thanks babes… Gonna post our collaboration just now

      1. PassionPoet says:

        oooh I can’t WAIT 😀 We gotta collab again 🙂

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