Reality Show





We were to be appeased, high lighted

after centuries of being ignored,

centuries of being treated as pieces of property, 

bombarded by tired racial stereotypes, 

here we go again, 

after being emancipated from slavery 

we’ve managed to find ourselves again in captivity,

networks who use us to target ourselves 

chaining us under the guise of “reality” TV.

Different cast, 

yet same ole story,

yes, we are out of the tacky huts and 

ignorant nicknames, 

like delicious and cookie,

yet what educational, intellectual benefits can we gather from watching filth TV. 

What kind of message

does it send to our children?

Sleep with enough famous men and

maybe they’ll drag you along for the ride.

But hey, 

they’ll boost your twitter followers, 

you may even be able to afford that virgin hair.

You can even make a show and call it,

“All the niggas i slept with”.

These reality shows show nothing real,

what can they teach us? 

How to be a gold digger? 

Aren’t they’re other stories to tell?

what about poverty?

Successful black businesses 

black scholars

political analysts




In a country where 




are the minority,

why is it that the majority of the reality shows are designed 

and fashioned for black audiences.

Its silly, really,

our sense of humor,

finding it funny to be potrayed 

as a hoe,

fighting for the heart of some dumb nigga

with gold teeth

and a clock,

what an example.

what an acknowledgement,

in a world were our children 

are termed “hardest to learn” 

“hardest to educate”,

this “reality” education is the only one that we can provide?

“success at any cost”

doesn’t signify perseverance and diligence,

it encourages violence and crime.

Promoting hustling and tricking 

as the way to make a dollar.

They said that slavery had ended…

but i just saw niggas 

get another crack of the whip.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. shoe1000 says:

    I am sorry to say this, but not much has changed since Bacons Rebellion.
    We have just made it funny to see the difference now, and that way we dont have to be
    responsible for what continues to be perpetuated.
    We still use race as the great class stratifier.

  2. PassionPoet says:

    This is a deep piece. Every time I read it I am left sober…. great job, hon.

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