Something Amazing

Hey guys… haven’t written a comedy piece in a while, so i just got the inspiration and the words… and boom… here it is!







I’m sitting at this desk

and I wont get up

until I write something amazing.

Just a thought

and I scramble for paper,

scurrying like squirrels gathering seeds,

I am so……………. FRUSTRATED;

with this entire relationship

between my words,

my thoughts

and what my pen decides to pen,

threesomes like these you only read about in books.

Books that I hope to write one day,

so I was determined,




until i wrote something amazing.

Truth was however,

That I was only half way through the first sheet

and the ideas were rapidly

evaporating like steam.

I had barely gotten to what I wanted to say

and then… Nothing,

There has to be a short circuit between my pen

and my thoughts

because in the process of writing something amazing,

I cant seem to write anything at all…

Thus, it has to be this pen

being a drama queen as usual

refusing to hold up her end of the bargain.

Maybe its the paper,

maybe just maybe,

with his antisocial ways,

no wonder

she doesn’t like writing on him.

One thing i’m certain of,

It definitely cant be me,

because i was motivated,

and ready

to sit here

at this desk

until i wrote something Amazing.


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