Weep for me…



I never saw my mother cry until today,

as she mourned the loss of a brother

with tears streaming down,

eyes swollen 

and chin trembling,

I wondered 

if one day she’d cry for me?

That she’d weep for the missed opportunities and special events,

for the birthdays 

and late study nights,

for every talk and lecture 

that we didn’t have…

I wondered, I wished, 

that one day,

her tears could express all the things

that she never could 

or never would say, 

That she’d sob uncontrollably

at all the “I love you’s” 

and “I’m proud of you”

that I yearned for but never heard…

I would allow her tears to fall on me like torrential rain

If she could only utter…

I never knew how much she felt

or how much she cared,

until today. 

Because she was always so strong,

so sturdy,

the rock that everyone leaned on,

that had started to break down…

Sometimes i wish I could just drown in tears

her tears’

the tears of my mother

and friend,

who never could utter the words,

but would one day weep for me!


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  1. Hope to hear this in September.

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