Beyond The Struggle


One day,
I wish women
Would see beyond the struggle.
And not resign themselves to be just another victim.
Accepting bruises and black eyes as medals of honor,
Attesting to the love an devotion of their “significant” others.
Raising their daughters
To rely more on their bodies
Rather than brains.
Simply Continuing the cycle of poverty that never ends…
I remain pro -choice because bringing a child into the world to suffer is beyond my moral standards
Values I choose to stand on
More than that guy I’ve been crushing on.
I pray that I live to see women grow beyond the handouts
Choosing to depend on themselves
Rather than the men who mistreat them.
I don’t wish to come off as a feminist
And I’m not really into philosophy.
And I’m tired of writing depressing
Of another black Caribbean woman
Having more children than she can feed
And more problems than she can solve.
And no help!
I’m tired of littering my pages with negative words
And metaphors
To explain away the choices that we have made as women. ..
Choices that we’ll have to explain
One day,
One day I want to write about the majority
Who have done more than just survive
Im so tired of being a minority
Whose priorities are totally fucked up.
Who values clothing over education
And entertainment over books
It seems that dreaming is all that i can do,
dreaming of one days and futures
And pasts that continue into the present.
This reality is like some bad movie,
That is really bad and really true
And that you can totally identify with…
One day
When the world has changed
When the earth shattering “big bang” redefines and reshapes us women,
One day,
When our sum total is more than our tits an ass
One day,
When we don’t have to apologize for being brilliant,
That we no longer have to hold back ourselves
So that our men can catch up…
One day
When women’s liberation
Would be an unnecessary topic for discussion
Because its the life we’ll be living…
I hope, I live to see that day.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. PassionPoet says:

    Wow. Once again. Wow. I love this piece. This might be one of my favourite pieces from you yet. Great job…

  2. Thank you. Sharing with my daughter. Now, this is Stand your Ground.

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