The Addict’s Guide to Quitting….Candy Crush


Hello…. ,my name is Amanda and i’m an addict….lol that being said… i really didn’t want to quit… but this is a little comedy that I’ve written just for you! 



I promised myself 

that i’d never write another love poem

after all,

there was so much 

that could be said

and so much that could be felt.

yet, here we are again

they all told me to stay away from you,

that you were a mean sadistic bastard 

who’d love to see me cringe,

I took that to mean that you’d 

love to see me squirm, squirt

and tremble 

under the weight of my obsession.

They all told me that you’d string me along

then drop me, 

but i didn’t believe.

After all, they were jealous of my success 

and my progress in life;

all your exes were haters 

and the other bitches 

were mad because 

they never felt…

our high!

Baby, I devoted my time to you, 

gave you all of me

and when I should’ve been 

fucking other guys 

as you suggested 

I was too busy crying over you.

Crying over the sting of your betrayal,

the hurt of your Abandonment…

They all said that I should’ve erased you from my life,

block you from Facebook and delete 

every encounter we’ve ever had from my memories,

I couldn’t

because this ride or die chick 

thought she could weather the storms…

and I’m still here

just as confused as before,

trying to figure out what 

was so special about you. 

what made your love bombs 

so powerful

and why you made me cum so hard.


you’re no good for me 

simply sucking the life out of me…

I wish things were different for us

but i’m moving on…cold turkey.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. PassionPoet says:

    Great write, Mandi 😀

  2. Keri B. says:

    I can completely relate … except I didn’t quit and am now on level 400-something. Ugh. I just keep hoping they will stop adding levels so I can stop needing to play them.

    1. mndchrls2012 says:

      Ssssshhhh… Neither have I… I feel like a sucker for punishment!

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