I Like it like that…


Sooo… this post is like seriously late… i wrote this piece back in July… or something like that. with the assistance of my very good friend PassionPoet. He is an awesome writer who can seem to understand you even when you’re making no sense… Thanks alot Robert….

I like that feeling…

the tingle,

like restless nerves

throwing tantrums,

I like the wetness…

slurping sounds

and eager tongue

I cant get enough of this torture,

this tingle,



Brandish your lips on me

let me feel the intensity

as you sneak past my cotton Armour

to flesh underneath.

It’s crazy

the way that you make me crumble

with just a flick,

a grip,

pink swollen pouty lips

seeking the attention of their master…

A willing slave

shackled to her desires,

weak against your tongue’s lashing

I like thrashing as

I’m striped of inhibitions,

pretending to care that you can see

so deep into me

not just my centre

but into my soul.

I like this feeling of anticipation

which borders a little on frustration

when you start teasing before…

I like that when you enter me

our halves become one perfect whole.

I like it when we find our groove

when we move in unison

in rhyme

as our bed groans its protest,

at our frenzied ministrations

and when we have reached the summit of our climb

we stand on the pinnacle of cresting emotions

our climax roars like many oceans

and then crashes on our collective consciousness’ shore

and we are left spread eagled

on our personal beach

catching our breaths,

I like it,

I like it just like that.


One Comment Add yours

  1. PassionPoet says:

    I like it like that too, darlin; ….. YAY! Finally up!

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