The Politician in Me


The Politician in me

would have you believe that its all about the Party

Cause me born labor…

And…I go die…

for my county.

Independence for me is more

than red and blue,

more than platform meetings,

propaganda and slander.

Our freedom wasn’t won by our forefathers

for us to squander away our precious inheritance

for empty promises

and underhanded deals.

In a land so dear to me,

we have become complacent

and have allowed those whom we  have

placed in positions of power to make a mock of our country.

No longer do they even attempt to show that they care for the people;

and yet, we praise them.

After 32 years you’d think that we would’ve gotten it together…

and not be content with mediocrity from our leaders…

yet, we see it everywhere.

Its another independence,

a time for us to learn from our mistakes

and those who came before us,

Not simply to spew lavished lengthy tailored speeches

of love for country

that is neither shown nor felt.

It’s time to quit the lip service, politician

and remember,

that service is what you’ve been called to do…

So, start serving Antiguans and Barbudans

and not just yourselves.

For those of you followers who are not from Antigua… our independence is coming up on the first of November. I was asked to write a patriotic piece and for the life of me I couldn’t find one thing to write about….

soooo…. this piece came to mind. I know that a lot of my country men wont like it, however, my poetry is not for people to like. Its for people to think… that maybe just maybe, i could be right.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. PassionPoet says:

    Yes!!!!!!!!!!! Patriotic to a fault. LOVE THIS. Proud … and I’m not even Antiguan (yet) *wink* lol

  2. What’s not to like? I love this. Patriotism isn’t about being a yes man, it’s about whats best for ANU and you hit the nail on the head girl.

  3. know thyself says:

    Spoken like a true antiguan

  4. Cris says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments expressed. I kinna feel like the piece could have a smoother flow/transition from point to point, but that may be down to the way in which I read it.

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