Just Too Different


Over cast by the shadow

I choose to be different,

as mud is to steel

with no similarities

to solder our souls together

you are dead weight,

a stagnant lake

too set in its ways to see that something is wrong.

we’re too incompatible,

like a fish attempting to live the life of a bird

totally oblivious of the evolutionary differences between both worlds

totally obvious…

but wishing it could work all the same

calling all deities known to man

to change the world so that we could co-exist

in the same space and in the same place

but we’ve always been too different

different neighborhoods

different circles

too disparate to abide by the same rules of nature.

even now, i’m surrounded

by heaps and mounds

of life on paper

and you…

you feel at home

where machines go to die,

finding solace in the whirling ramblings of mechanics and technology.

We are too different…

yet, in those two minutes

when you hold your breath

and dive underwater,

i almost imagine

that you’re perfect for me,

the seamless fit

for my crooked corners…

I almost imagine…

and then, you breathe…


One Comment Add yours

  1. PassionPoet says:

    Damn, girl….. I LOVE THIS.

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