New Direction

Initially when i first decided to start a blog, I knew that I wanted a poetry blog. it was the perfect way for me to express myself without baring too much. Today, I just realized that some of the most successful bloggers bare their soul in hopes that their readers will see them through their words. Likewise, I’ve been very confused as to the direction I wanted the blog to go in, and truth be told, i still am. However, I don’t just want to write poetry; poetry is my passion don’t get me wrong, but I wanna be more and a few persons have been curious as to my style of writing… truth is…. I have no style, no particular techniques…Ii just see topics and words and people and my past and they are the inspiration. lately, I noted that I haven’t posted that much, maybe once a month or twice a month and that is short changing you, my followers. As a result, I’m pledging myself to write at least twice a week….(fingers crossed) I will try my best guys. Thanks for all the support, I’m really grateful to you…see you soon



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