Our House of Ghosts…

    © 2009 Robb North

Broken walls

and busted hearts

sometimes I wish you never came back.

from the trips

that inevitable rip in the distance

between you and your children

didn’t you ever think that we missed you.

As you traveled all year round,

from one family to the next

never showing allegiance

to where it should’ve mattered.

playing hide and seek,

it only made you look weak

as our mother cried herself to sleep

dreaming of ghosts,

wasted metals

and vows that only she remembered.

She’s been hurting

for a long while now

like this old house

with stripping paint

and a slouching gait

empty of life and love.

It’s bitter now,

reflecting her feelings

making howling noises

and frightening shapes in the twilight,

yearning for the family that you destroyed.

I never understood

what was so important

that you had to miss my birthday every year;

for a man of so many words

you never had anything to say

until today.

As you remember all that you did for us

the sacrifices you made

and the pain that it took…

but from the where I sat

next to the window pane

of the old, tired depressed house,

that had seen too many heartbreaks

and had muffled too many tears,

all I saw,

was neglect.

One Comment Add yours

  1. PassionPoet says:

    The finality of the last line ended this poem perfectly. I can feel the frustration and disappointment, the veiled anger and finally resignation in this piece. Well done!

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