Procrastination Station


Live to Write - Write to Live

There’s a link on the NaNo website that used to take you to Procrastination Station–a page full of things to do when you want to avoid writing your novel.

I’m not sure anyone needs a Procrastination Station–most of us can find plenty of ways to procrastinate without any help from others. At least, I can.

I have noticed that most of the people I know (myself included) tend to have a similar pattern when we have a big task to accomplish, such as writing a 50,000-word novel in one month (yay, NaNo!) or completing a short story. No matter what the task, the pattern of procrastination is the same.

When we procrastinate, not only do we not do the thing we want to (committed to/agreed to/contracted to) do, but we also stop doing anything else enjoyable or fulfilling in our lives.

We tend to “multi-shirk” by watching bad TV…

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