The reason for my leave of absence


Hey guys… just an update… I have been in a very bad place lately and I have been really doubting my self. So I figure if I’m gonna tell the story i may as well tell all, so here goes! I am PREGNANT again. For those of you who were here back in August you know that I miscarried, it was really difficult for me, and BOOM one cycle later, I got knocked up again. 

I seriously contemplated not having the baby, after the miscarriage, i didn’t think that hubby and I could handle the pressure. Nevertheless, the gentleman was adamant that there would be no abortion. Thus, here we are Three and a half months later… it was a bumpy ride, and after having to be on bed rest for sometime, i started to isolate myself. I apologize for that guys, just didn’t know what to do, who I should tell soooo…. I kept to myself. 

I couldn’t even write, I haven’t written a piece of poetry in two months, and its not from a lack of trying, just not being able to focus. I felt that there were no longer stories for me to tell, so I took a back seat. I miss you guys… hope that you choose to stick with me through the New year. 


                                                                           HAPPY NEW YEAR 



4 Comments Add yours

  1. shoe1000 says:

    Best wishes to you for a successful pregnancy. My ex and I tried 2 times before we were able to have our daughter

  2. A BABY yay, you take care of you and your little one or ones lol My best wishes and prayers to you

    1. mndchrls2012 says:

      Thanks Hun… Don’t tell too much people cause I’m still very much afraid that shit will go wrong

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