After hearing about the Late Robin Williams death, I must admit I was harsh. I said, ” what does he have to be depressed about, How much money he has in the bank?” I felt that many other persons were hurting and dying and they needed recognition too. They needed someone to mourn them as well as he did.
Yet, I failed to realize that for someone to make the decision to take their own life that they had to be hurting. That I could relate too… Hurting! When my heart was so broken that even my body began to feel the effects. There were days that I would spent sitting on the toilet, allowing the tears to flow, contemplating cutting my wrists or packing a bag and running away from it all. It was painful, that emotional hurt, doing damage like no knife ever could. But I made it, I coped. That was the difference between Mr. Williams and I, with that I knew I would never make fun of mental illness again. Not only was it prevalent in my family, I believe everybody was a little bit crazy. It only took one event to be the deciding factor. To everyone going through something rough today, find somebody to talk to, someone who won’t judge or criticize. Don’t be like me, don’t be insensitive, you never know when the shoe will be on the other foot.


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  1. narcopathcrusher says:

    I don’t think you are insensitive. You have a point with what you say. Celebrities are human and they can be hurting, but they have great advantages thanks to their money. They have access to top mental health professionals, the best rehabs and get everyday validation from their millions of fans. He had his struggle and he chose to end his life. That is a tragedy and i won’t minimize it but we shouldn’t forget the millions who are unable to access help or to ask for help.

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