The Day After Today


Its quiet now,

This time of night

When creepy crawlies go to bed and

Even the restless have to call it quits.

Nothing to disturb me

But the whirling sounds of machinery and nature

On every other night, dreams stalk me,

Reminding me of days

When demons and angels were very real;

standing guard



Depriving my body of nightly rest.

I would like to wake from a dream without blood leaking into my mouth

With my heart maintaining it’s steady normal pace

when all was right in my world

Yet, Its almost daylight

And even the sun cant penetrate

the dark, stagnant crevices of a dream bent on destroying me.

It’s quiet now,

As the sun shines in,

As life begins to stir

And the workaholics start their day with coffee and the morning paper,

I finally have some peace

Until the night comes, the day after today…



wrote this piece during my pregnancy when I was having one of those nighmares.


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