Not a Mommy Blogger


Just recently I became a mom again, my first child is seven years old. I went online and did a lot of reading, those mommy blogs are very interesting so I thought I would try it.
Let me just say, that first draft was crap, second draft was crappier. I couldn’t understand how I couldn’t get my post to sound- The way I wanted it to sound. It didn’t have the sarcasm that I was so famous for and I just couldn’t see ME coming through the words.
I figured it was because I was trying to sound like those other bloggers…. Whatever, either way I have given up on being a mommy blogger. We don’t have car pools and play dates where I come from. You play at recess and when school done, that’s done.
So I guess I’m not mommy blogging material. Hell, I can’t even get my baby to smile as I take her picture. Sighs… She smiles before and she smiles after.


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  1. nawallovexo says:

    It’s so frustrating trying to capture a picture of a child! It’s like they have some vendetta against looking at the camera exactly when you need them to. Sigh.

    1. mndchrls2012 says:

      Lol I know…. She smiles in her sleep so gonna try and see

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