Make Love To Me

So I’m still in my postpartum depressive mood, I must say that coming back to WordPress and my blog has really helped a lot, and I’m so much happier, not as miserable and very approachable… So newest poem.


It’s strange
That I can’t remember how your touch feels
Or the thrill of watching you undress,
I see you naked
But I’d like to see you undress,
Minus chest and pubic hair
And the exhaustion that covers your face.
I keep forgetting your body weight
That sweet pressure
As you cover and pleasure me.
We are knee deep in dirty diapers and vomit,
Sometimes forgetting that we need a break,
Need some time to just be lovers
To be subtle
And patient
And intimate.
It’s strange,
That I get angry when I see you naked,
Secretly envious of the underwear touching you.
It mocks me,
Inhaling the sweat that use to excite me.
But I’m tired,
Doing the work of three persons without rest
I think it’s a test
That God designed to test me
And us.
The time has passed and we should be ready,
But my body is tired
My soul self conscious
And just not feeling pretty


5 Comments Add yours

  1. aurakarma says:

    I loved reading this so much, this stood out amongst many other poets for it’s raw emotion encapsulating feelings of wanting something you used to adore. Simply beautiful.

    1. mndchrls2012 says:

      Thank you for your honesty!

      1. aurakarma says:

        You are very welcome!

  2. JeniQ says:

    this eloquently sums up so many of our relationships after we have a child… great poem!

  3. tlohuis says:

    Yep, your sex life after babies is never really quite the same, again. You have to hurry up before the baby starts crying, or as they get a little older, you have to hurry up before they come barreling through the door and catch you in the act, or if you have a lock on your door, they’ll just bang on the door til you let them in, you have to be quiet. You’re really, really tired as hell. A lot of adaptations are required. Use your imagination and try to schedule it in at certain times and make it happen because as we all already know, sex is a very important part of every relationship. Great poem. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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