The real me

NO DISCLAIMERS: OK so this piece….. Just in a naughty mood tonight. ENJOY!


I’m hoping to try something
Something, like nothing I’ve felt before
Something that isn’t tied down to love making
Making love is overrated
Drenched in deep kisses
And endless promises
promises of cumming
And waiting for me to cum first,
But it’s about time that evolution takes place.
I wanna do something special,
Where I could careless for your satisfaction
Where only my needs come first,
I’m ready to be selfish,
Ready to use and abuse your body
And leave you ragged.
Ready to leave hidden welts and bruises
From fingers and thighs.
I’ve been asking to try something new
Seeking permission
For something that should be mine.
Now I’m ready to loose my mind,
Wrapped up in time
And sheets,
And legs,
Grabbing fistfuls of hair and ass
Making grunting noises
That disturbs and arouses the neighbors.
I wanna be naughty
And eager for a spanking.
For once in my life I wanna try something new,
In places I’ve never tried before,
Hiding like children
Building anxiety
Building pleasure
I seriously wanna measure, you,
With my tongue
And ice
And watch you inhale as it melts.
It’s time to stop being nice
Being normal
Time to explore and learn
Tease and taunt
And just to be free.
It’s about time that we try something –
So you can meet the real me.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. shoe1000 says:

    It is wonder full to experience that part of our sexuality.
    My last girlfriend was more than willing to not have to fit
    into the puritanical paradigm of how sexuality should be
    I am thankful I got to meet her and experience
    that kind of raw, animal like sexual exchange with a woman
    Thanks for a provocative article.

    1. mndchrls2012 says:

      Thanks Jim, glad for your support from day one

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