Geek Fest

So I went to my first party last night. It was a themed part on the other side of the island from me. The party is an annual “Geek Fest”, they celebrate acting like a dork. I was so excited cause I always wanted to go and never got the chance, so I was over the moon. I took my time, planned my outfit as best as I could, pumped out a bunch of breast milk and drove 45 minutes to the party.
Then the Drama started:

After not wearing stilettos for over a year I was wobbly, buckling three times from my car to the entrance of the venue. Then there was the gravel, then there was the deck, oh my goodness, (in my native dialect) me nearly dead. I stood up long enough to take a quick picture, took off them bad boys and trekked back to my car.

So back at the party, I had on flats, getting my grove on enjoying some good music and I notice lots of younger YOUNGER people coming. I felt so uncomfortable… So OLDDD! At two Am in the morning those children should be home in their parents house. Not gyrating to reggae and soca. After a while I felt like I had enough, left that joint, drove home to my man and infant.

I think I’m too old for this shit.


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