Baby Elise


I dream for you,
little arms and pretty smile
Waited for you,
When others said
That you were a fleeting dream
Fading in the ticking of a clock
I didn’t think that it was logical
To not even try!
Oh how I see you,
My child with lots of personality,
The answers to my prayers
Wrapped neatly in chubby cheeks and kicking feet
A big messy package of needs
Needing me
And me needing you,
My little human
Who stretches and giggles
Pulling at my heart each time
I just dream and hope
That the world will be kind
For a mother only wishes the best for her daughter
Praying that you go through life
Unmarked and untainted by how evil it all can be,
Because I live for you
Eagerly awaited your arrival
You are the last missing piece
To my life’s complex puzzle
And I love you
Gisele Elise

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