A Pill for that Too

I’m beginning to feel,
Beginning to feel
Staring into halos of pretty colors
Rich and celestial
The smallest thing
Almost invisible to the untrained eye.
But it helped me,
Numbed me,
Dulled everything
Especially the pain
And the cuts
And the blame.
One small chemical experiment
made me into a statistic,
No longer hurting
No longer feeling
No longer here.
I’m beginning to feel better,
If only for a short time,
Until the half life has passed
And the pain returns with a vengeance!
Willing my body to revel in the feeling
Of being happy,
Even if the happiness is regulated in doses.
I hope that I will always feel this special,
And creative
With the ability write some Shakespeare shit
Or a spoken word pieces
That dazzles even me.
I’m so glad I feel better,
Now let me ride this high out to the end.



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