UNHOLY thoughts

Benoit Courti Photography

Benoit Courti Photography


I’d like to think that i’m religious


having my ducks sorted and my mind made up.

but when it comes to you

you make me wanna sin!

indulging in carnal desires of

flesh and teeth

grabbing sheets

and that sound when our skin meets

pounding hard and fast.

I would like to be naughty

in need of lashes and scolding

ohh how I love when you fold my legs around your waist.

Having the most unholy sex known to man.

talking dirty until the talking is no longer necessary

doing all kinda nasty


unorthodox things to each other.

sometimes I make my imagination run wild,

with both of us being separated

by screens and miles of fiber optic cables.

if only we could…

who knows how it would be.



I’m in that kinda mood tonight … happy Thursday yall


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