Stingy Love


I wanna be in that love love…
Not the modern representation of what it should be
Not the type that pushes the envelope
Of trying to be special
To be different.
Trying to make excuses to not contain my urges.
I wanna be in the secretive stingy type of love
Where it’s just you and me
Where our souls bond on such a deep level
That I don’t even see anyone else.
I don’t wanna be a taboo when it comes to loving you
Trading kisses and fluids with another man
Thinking that it’s ok
Cause we talked about it!
I wanna make love
To you
Only you
Exploring whips an chains
And plugs
And toys
And anything and everything that you want from me.
When I say I do
It’s me and you
For life baby
So you better ensure that it’s what you want.
Cause there’s no backing out.


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