I have my own life so no need to feel sorry for me
Making sarcastic comments
And synical slurs
Attempting to comfort me
I made my bed
Bought it used from the thrift store
Tattered, worn
Having seen better days
Don’t patronize me!
This self serving rant that you spit
Is nothing if not indignant!
This baptism by fire is a reality of my choices of friends.
Those fake ass
Two faced
Wanna be bitches.
Whose makeup can never hide the true ugliness of their nature.
You think you’re special?
Irreplaceable, cause you have been around me for years,
It’s a shame
When we congratulate people for being good
Celebrating mediocrity and good manners as the cure for cancer.
You’re a parasite
Sucking and feeding off me
In a relationship that seems to only benefit you.
But it’s okay,
Cause I live my own life
And I will die by my choices
And getting rid of you is just another one.

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