Samsung and Apple: It’s time to grow up

To the smart phone manufacturers that weren’t aware, the smear campaigns are getting old really quickly. every time that I turn on my television screen is a Samsung or Apple ad, each disrespecting  the other’s product. At first it was funny, hilarious even, but now, you guys are beginning to sound like spoiled children.

personally, I am an Iphone user, I’m not very tech savvy, there are lots of shit i can’t explain on my phone and my phone isn’t a recent model. I’m a normal personal, who wants to take a few pictures, post a few pictures, Facebook, emails, WordPress, whatsapp and call. So many of the features on these phones i probably will never use. I am not particularly loyal to any brand, and when the time comes to bounce, I will leave like a woman who found a cuter, richer, nicer, well rounded boyfriend, who could probably have sex better than the last one. I wont be making excuses, or utilizing movie lines like, “It’s not you, its me”. Oh course its you, you just don’t please me the way you use to anymore. you can sing these hoes ain’t loyal all you want, that still wouldn’t stop me.

so… guys, although those little ads were cute, and i’m sure you two feel like clever studs, patting yourself on the back for your genius plan to take away each other’s customers. THAT SHIT AIN’T CUTE, its petty, and it makes you look very week. This isn’t a dick measuring competition, if you didn’t know, different people like different sizes. likewise different people like different phones, get over it and stop making yourselves asses.


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  1. Salina Dias says:

    This was something!! lol

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