Looking for love in PENIS

I’m broken

searching for love in all the lowly crevices

and broken hearts in the projects,

taking up projects

that I could change and fashion into the ideal man for me.

sharing pieces of me

in exchange for the promise of being whole,

and It hurts, that up to now

I still allow penis to cloud my judgement,

drowning out my problems in sweat,

grunts and screams.

But when the screams die down,

they’re still there

lurking in the parallel universe

just beyond my bedroom.

At this point in my life

I need to be honest

that I’m merely looking for daddy in men who were just like him,

in unavailable

broken men,

In the quiet of the morning

after all the theatrics of the night before,

I knew

there would never be a future for us,

the penis

who was always attached to the wrong man.

I should’ve given up on finding love by now,

Just some silly fairy tale told to little girls

by mothers busy looking for love to.

its not real,

it doesn’t exist,

and someday maybe I will believe that too.


One Comment Add yours

  1. PassionPoet says:

    Wow …… deep ….. awesome write ….

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