Just Another Public Outcry…


I guess everybody has to get the wildness out of them, thats the only excuse that I could make. I wasn’t suppose to be on the road that late, and I usually felt very fearful parking my car anywhere mysterious, but all the good parking was gone, so I had to take what was left.

I wasn’t suppose to be on the road, but my vain little sister wanted to go fetting. I had just completed styling her hair and she wanted to go home to show off.Thing was that it was 11:10PM and driving fifteen miles back and forth wasn’t my idea of a good time. I agreed nevertheless, cause not too long ago I was young, some persons would stay that I still was, just didn’t feel young anymore.

While travelling on the road, I took the busiest streets, which were usually the ones with all the “night time festivities”. Everything went smoothly going, I dropped her off made sure she was inside, then went on my merry way. Then, I realise I hadn’t eaten any dinner, the baby was very cranky that night and I had to fast forward out nightly ritual so that I could complete my sister’s hair. I decided to stop at my friendly lebanese restaurant, there was no parking, so I had to park on a side street, which made me totally uncomfortable, but it was either park there, or double park on a main road.

I went inside, it took ten frigging minutes to get my sandwich and when I got back on the side street, I notice that a car had pulled up right behind my car. A guy was standing next to it, which made me instantly suspicious, until he appeared to be talking to the person in the other car (well in some societies that can be called conversation), but as I passed, I notice that the individual was leaning out the window…. hmmm…since I didn’t get out much anymore, it took me a while to make the connection. Her mouth was locked onto his lower appendage… I was like “good for them” until my car light shone on the passenger of the car.

That girl couldn’t be more than fifteen, if she was that old. That shit irritated me, disgusted me, I had a fifteen year old sister, I couldn’t imagine some rusty, sweaty skin man asking her to blow him in public. I was so angry, I drove home in like four minutes flat. I sat down and thought of all the angry poetry that I was gonna write, bashing him or bashing her… then I stopped. Before knowing that she was underaged, I was not as “offended” and “passionate” about the issue as I should’ve been. It did bother me, that kind of behaviour wasn’t the norm, but no one ever said or did nothing beyond shaking their heads.

What was the point of a public outcry when no one wanted to stand with you to change things. lewdness is just common place now. No one could be bothered enough to support and protect those young teenagers. I had my first sexual experience at sixteen, nobody force me, coerced me, I wanted to… I think. The problem was I wasn’t old enough to make that decision. I couldn’t even choose what I wanted for breakfast, but I chose to have sex. What’s done is done, but there are times I wished I had waited and gotten to know me and what I wanted out of life before sex.

That is what I wish for these young people, that they make up their minds, having all the facts. That they’d no longer be victims to circumstance, and teenage mothers without a man and all the other statistical categories that they could fit into. It was time, for more than another public outcry after the fact.

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