How to understand women for dummies


I often hear people say that they have a hard time understanding their significant others. The whole “men are from mars, women are from venus” thing has subtly brainwashed people into believing that their destined not to communicate well with their partners. I consider myself a very understanding person, i can be a bit bias, however I think that I can be fair. The number one rule for me, DO WHAT I SAY!

What men fail to understand is that women think a lot, before having a single conversation most women have already gone over it in their minds at least twice. weighing the pros and the cons and determining if its an discussion worth having or leaving it alone.Yes some of us can fly off the handle sometimes, thats just because they go through the analytical process quicker an deem it to be bullshit.

So guys take out a pencil and take note, How to understand your woman?

1. Listen

Most men don’t listen, too many times they’re caught tunning out their ladies, so she’s talking about your sweating socks that you left lying in the middle of the floor again. yes, you know you forgot them, and yes you know they stink, so why listen, right? Wrong! Men would be more contented in their relationships if they listened more. we know we can go on and on, but we want to know that our opinion is important to you. Stop talking, stop humming in your minds or whatever other shit you like to do and listen.

2. Do Shit

Women like men who take initiative, we dont like always having to say everything, always directing stuff, after coming home from the supermarket, she doesn’t want to come and say, “baby come help me unpack the groceries”, offer your services, help. likewise, if she cooks, then you can washup. There are times that I feel like strangling my boyfriend, he just irks me when he says that he didn’t realise that I wanted him to do something, Seriously! Just do shit!

3.Make her feel wanted openly

I know that some persons are conservative, so you’d never catch them in the heat of passion on the public streets. However you decide to do it, women like to feel wanted and special, what better way to do that than to hold her hand, give her a touch on the small of her back. sometimes, all is needed is a look, that expresses everything you feel for her in that moment. When the chemistry is right, you could be in a crowded room and feel as though that woman is the only person who exists. Show her how you feel.

4. Call

I remember when I was a teenager, going through my teenage crushes and all I wanted to do is spend every minute talking to the centre of my affections. I’m older now, wiser, and have developed a lot more restraint since then, but I would still like to get a call at least once a day. Its helpful and healthy in a relationship that both parties show interest. Don’t tell me for eight or nine hours out of the day and your mind has never thought about your woman once? How hard is it to take up the phone and say “Hi, I’m thinking about you”. What men fail to understand is that we know that you put out yourself for the things that are important to you. Thus, saying that you do not have the time to call is simply unacceptable.

6. Pick up on all Telepathic messages

Yes, we expect you to read our minds, hell we can read yours. We know when youre horny because of that strain in your posture, or how your voice drops an octave or two. We know when youre exhausted and just want to be left alone. We even know when another woman is trying to drop off her application form. If we can be sensitive, you can be senitive too dammit. Don’t tell me that you didn’t know that you left up the toilet seat again, afterall I slammed it down everytime you left it up. why did you think I did it, cause I wanted to start a band? Pay attention.

Dont ever call me CRAZY

Some women don’t mind when their man calls them crazy, in some weird way, maybe thats their term of endearment. howver I hate when a man opens his filthy mouth and calls me crazy, hormonal just like my other female counterparts. let’s set the record straight, all women aren’t the same. I thought that the size, shade and texture of our vaginas was a clue, but for those who don’t know, we aren’t. Yes we can act a little psycho sometimes, but that is not your place to state. Until you can push a baby out of a hole smaller than your mouth, you don’t get a vote. Shut the hell up and work with what you have.


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