I need a break,

To collect my thoughts and get my act together

I’m burning, in all the secret places down under.

burning, tingling

Watching the words come across my screen

Their not even sexual,

And I’m starting to feel all sexy.

So if that was your intention,


Baby you got me

Got me so rowdy

And anxious

Patiently awaiting the next move.

It’s strange that I can always imagine you naked

texting me

Just being casual

when I am already so wet

panting and eager.

Patiently awaiting your naughty pictures

as every word gets me excited.

I need more

this sweet torture

that builds and builds

until I need to touch

touch myself

touch you…

but you’re so far away

being naked and naughty

laughing at my oohs and ahhhs

reveling in the fact that you can make me hot

even from a distance.

Then, in an instant,

you’re gone… battery dead



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