Sexually Repressed…

Just a little light reading, not for the young in heart and age.

I found myself conversing with a fellow blogger the other day. We were discussing the main tenets of our blogs; when it was my turn, i blurted out that my blog contained a lot of sexual content and that was because I was sexually repressed. At the time when I wrote that, I wasn’t sure how true it was. However, I decided to review all of my posts, to see the growth in my writing – if any. I have seen lots of growth and diversity, but I still see  A LOT of sex. Almost every post seems to be dripping with something or the other; CUM, sweat, tears, something and everything. lol…

Truth is, I can be honest, I Am sexually repressed. I have two children, two… I am no longer a teenager who has no responsibilities. I have bills to pay and food to buy, and a car that is very much like a child with the amount of “things” that it needs. I dont have the time or the energy to lay in bed all day fucking, or trying some kinky shit… yes I know I sound boring, but this is the nature of life. You change, you adapt yourself to suit your situation.

My life is caught up with pick ups and drop offs and days spent in a cold room with bright lights. Its hard, after dabbling all day to come home and allow a man to dabble inside me… thus, I write… about all the little fantasies and fetishes that drive me wild. when I touch these pages is when I allow myself to role play and just be a different me, who doesn’t care that I didn’t cook today or that the garbage needs to go out. When I place my hands on these keys, all I can think about is making layers of life and lust that others can feel. Evoking responses that I’m sure other people share.

I remember when I was younger, just starting to experiment sexually that there was nothing I wouldn’t try. I always used to say that I would try anything, at least once. Sometimes, I wish still had that mentality, to be brave and wild and adventurous. and ever so often, I see my younger, kinkier freak coming out, reminding me that she’s stills there.

I like it sometimes- this sexual repression, it makes me feel, and empathize. It makes me appreciate making love, taking nothing for granted. Never will it be said that “I have a headache”, because I am too hard up to refuse. This isn’t some weird philosophical piece of writing that’s designed to inspire you and challenge your thinking. Its a piece about me… being horny, all the time, but having too much to do and not enough hours in a day to do it…So seriously… who needs to DO IT?


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  1. Great write girl, giving cause for some serious introspection. Why can’t we as grown ups live out our fantasies? Isn’t this our time isn’t this what being grown is all about? Who has time to lay in bed all day fucking? but can we make time, anytime? Why are we so busy and when did my job, and chores like trash and laundry become more important that pleasure? love it.

    1. mndchrls2012 says:

      Lol… Interesting questions… I guess when you’re adult you can’t always have things your way.

  2. Screw that. Adulthood is supposed to be my reward for everything that came before, at least in the bedroom we should be free. Break out the prophilactics dammi, lmao.. Lord knows i’m not look forward to the age of menopause and chronic ED

    1. mndchrls2012 says:

      Tell me about it… Sigh… Life boy! Well, when I do it, I do it like it like it’s the last chocolate cake to ever be made… Overindulge

  3. shoe1000 says:

    Great post. I think as we grow older in this world we become less and less in touch with our bodies. It is our bodies where our instincts lie and continuing to negate them means that they go into a sort of hibernation. Then we are left with only our minds to try to figure out how to satisfy that instinctual drive. As we know the mind gets all fucked up. Then we start doing strange shit.

    Living in the church of reason, where we all live, hurts us in the long run.

    1. mndchrls2012 says:

      Lol joe… U killing me… It’s time to get in touch with these bodies.

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